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Your audio guide to the world of kinbaku. This podcast covers the history, evolution, stories and ideas related to Japanese bondage. The primary focus is on SM in Japan and will range to bondage in fiction, film, theater, sociology, criminology and other subjects. Contains adult language and content.
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Dec 29, 2015

Podcast can be found below

Music by Buffalo Daughter and Johnny Cash.

Sound clip from Army of Darkness.

Dec 9, 2015

While following up on the Yaoya Oshichi story (briefly mentioned in Episode 6), I came across a few videos of peep show devices featuring Oshichi.



This video is of a public exhibition at the Yokohama History Museum. It shows Oshichi tied on a horse and tied before the magistrate.





This video is at the Kamata Festival and shows pictures of Oshichi tied on a horse and tied during her execution.





The peep show in this video is titled “The Fate of the Unfaithful.” There’s an image of a rope capture 3/4 into the video.



Nov 20, 2015


Mai Randa's website:

TokyoBound interview with Randa.


The voice of Randa is Paul of Paraphilia Toys.


Music by Buffalo Daughter and Timbuk3.

Oct 20, 2015

Music by Buffalo Daughter and L'Orchestra Numerique



Sep 21, 2015

Audio episode can be found below.


Warning: This episode contains depictions of graphic violence.


Quotes for the Tokyo Christian persecution in 1623 are from “The Great Martyrdom in Edo 1623” by Hubert Cieslik.


Music by Buffalo Daughter and Plastilina Mosh




Ginko Adachi (1878) and an illustration from

“Early Japanese Christian Persecution Collection.” Kitan Club (1952)



From “Tormented Skin.” Fuzoku Soshi (1953)



Hojojutsu Picture Collection. Fuzoku Kitan (1960) and Female Detective Diaries (1974)

Aug 20, 2015
08: The Wind Beneath My Rings, Part 2

Part 2 continues the theme of suspensions.


Readings by Feenix and Gray Miller Creative, LLC.

Music by Buffalo Daughter and Janelle Monae



Aug 20, 2015

A few images from the articles read this month:



Left: From “Selected Suspension Torments.” Fuzoku Soshi (1954)


Right: From “Suspension Research.” Fuzoku Soshi (1954)



From “An Account of Suspension Torment Mistakes.” Fuzoku Kitan May 1961



From “Yukiko Rika Suspension Torment Special Photo Collection.” Kitan Club Feb. 1963




Left: From “Suspension Torment.” (1960)


Right: From “Upside Down Open Leg Pole Suspension.” Masato Marai’s Advanced Kinbaku Arts 2. (2010)




Hajime Kinoko on Bazooka TV Link


Jul 21, 2015

Here is the link to the original S&M Sniper article posted by Osada Steve on TokyoBound:


Eikichi Osada Special Report


Denki Akechi's website:

Jun 20, 2015

Here are a few images talked about in this month's podcast.


Start of “Ushiro Takatekote Shibari (simple)” from Mai Randa’s Complete Kinbaku Manual.



Completed front view


“Gote Shibari” from Chiaki Kanou’s SM Kinbaku Course.


“Kyoubu Kinbaku” (Chest/Breast Bondage) showing rope added to the gote shibari.


From "Introduction to Foreign Literature." Kitan Club 1955.



From illustration in a 1814 telling of the Eight Dog Chronicle.


Closeup of Goemon Ishikawa (1851)



From the Pictorial Book on the Penal Affaris of the Tokugawa Government (1893)


SM Kitan illustration


1963 illustration of Yaoya Oshichi by Ichimu Obinata.

I mispronounced Oshichi as Onana in the podcast.


Takatekote photo from Beautifully Bound (1953)


Two photos from "Reflections on Kinbaku Beauty Through the Gote and Takatekote." (1953)


Photo from "Practical Bondage Photography: An Example of the Takatekote Shibari" (1961)


Front and back photos from "Chimuo Nureki's How to Tie Classroom - One Rope Takatekote." (1985)



Front and Back photos of the takatekote shibari from Go Arisue's Book of Five Rings for Rope Arts. (2005)


Example of a straight-legged ebi shibari (top photo) (1955)

Jun 3, 2015

In episode 5, I said I would put up a few pre-modern illustrations showing what might be doubled rope. Check them out and let me know if you think the rope is doubled.



Closeup from a 1887 storybook.



Illustration from a 1882 storybook.



Closeup from a 1786 children’s picture book.




Closeup from a theater season program (undated).

May 20, 2015

From the Sadistic Sister - Masochistic Girlfriend SM guide (2013)


From the Really Right Sex SM guide (2012)


From the You Are Mine SM guide (2009)


From Go Arisue's Kinbaku Book of Five Rings vol.1


From Akira Naka's How to DVD


From Haruki Yukimura's Petit Rope Course


Cover of Sanada's Intro to Learning Kinbaku series


From Hiroshi Urado's You Can Play S&M (1972)


From "Applying rings with vinyl cord" article. Kitan Club (1953)


From Ambient M (2000)


From "Spots of kinbaku feeling caused by straw rope" article. Kitan Club (1953)


Kaoru Roppongi's "How to tie classroom" article. (1977)


From Seiko Fujita's Illustrated Art of Rope Capture


Illustration from 300-ri Behind Enemy Lines (1931)


Rumi Kasuga. Kitan Club (1954)


Photo from "Take the Lady's Hands" Uramado (1959)





Apr 22, 2015

Here are links to Web Sniper and to two Hajime Kinoko photo sets on the site.


Web Sniper


Hajime Kinoko FLASH Kinbaku Gravure - Dignity and Noise


Hajime Kinoko Rope Artwork

Apr 22, 2015

Nureki's Private Talks Blog is down, but since Nureki mentioned his Chat Theater blog in this month's reading, I'll post the link.

Chat Theater Blog

Apr 21, 2015

Akechi by Yoshiki Saitoh

A small gallery of pictures from this book is available on Denki Akechi's website ( Click the arrow at the bottom of the page next to the "01/09."

Mar 20, 2015

Here are a few images and links mentioned in the podcast.


Osaka Full Color News (1875)

 Osaka Full Color News (1875)



Pictorial Book on the Penal Affairs of the Tokugawa Government. (1893)

Pictorial Book on the Penal Affairs of the Tokugawa Government. (1893)


Link to Meiji University online presentation of the Pictorial Book on Penal Affairs:   




Image from “Moral Lessons Through Pictures of Good and Evil” (1880). I said 1875 in the podcast. I apologize. The date of this print should be 1880.

 Image from “Moral Lessons Through Pictures of Good and Evil” (1880).


I said 1875 in the podcast. I apologize. The date of this print should be 1880.



“Prawn Torment” in Big Secret Book of Punishments (1836)

“Prawn Torment” in Big Secret Book of Punishments (1836)



“Suspension Torment” in Big Secret Book of Punishments (1836)

 “Suspension Torment” in Big Secret Book of Punishments (1836)


Links to bondage in shunga (pornographic pictures) on

This page seems not to like links with kanji in them, so if the link doesn't work for you, you can view the less happy faced images by cutting the kanji at the end of the links below and pasting them into the search field on the lower-left side of the SMPedia page.


Shunsho Katsukawa勝川春章


Kuniteru Utagawa:歌川国輝


Kuniyoshi Utagawa:歌川国芳

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